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  • Your No.1 Clinical Development Partner in Asia from Japan
  • 日本発、アジアを代表する グローバル創薬開発パートナー
  • 我们是 您在亚洲最佳的 临床开发合作伙伴


About Us

Constantly creating
innovative solutions
as your global partner in Asia

intellim has always kept the "start-up spirit" throughout the 15 years since its establishment in the pharmaceutical industry, where newcomers face enormous challenges.

We have grown to be the largest independently owned CRO in Japan.

The intellim Group will continue to be the the industry's forerunner.

CEO Message

Providing valuable innovations
to the world
through science and technology

intellim Holdings Corporation
Chief Executive Officer

Masakuni Ukita

intellim Holdings Corporation Masakuni Ukita


intellim Group Careers

We are always looking for new team members who can empathize with our philosophy and fight to bring change to healthcare in the world.




We quickly offer latest information of Clinical Studies in Asian countries, such as the change of clinical study guidelines, etc.
If you are interested in the most updated changes to Clinical Study guidelines in Asia, click, "SUBSCRIBE".

Note: The information is intended for potential/exisiting partners, or potential clients. We reserve the right to refuse distribution to private individuals, competitors, or corporations that are not related to this industry.